Turnkey PCBA Prototype for Electronic Manufacturer Service

Production and manufacturing

In order to build a solid、reliable、comprehensive and capable manufacture association management platform. JX electronics lead into IMS system with highly cost. This is the production informatization management system for the manufacturer enterprise worksheet executive layer. The IMS system able to provided for the enterprise including manufacturer data management, the plan schedule management, production adjustment management, storage management, quality management ,human resource management, work center/equipment management, tool engineer management, purchase management, cost management, project plate management, prodcution process control, the bottom data intergration analysis, top data intergrity disintegrate etc management module.、

JX electronics have built the lectronic shelf label system, which is accurage storage, make sure 100% accuracy for the electronic compoment process; Visual management with the light indicated,great improve the component process speed; Control the material according to (FIFO),eliminate human interference, make sure they are used within the limit; The flow storage and store nearby, improve the storage use rate, the room use rate able up to 300%;