Turnkey PCBA Prototype for Electronic Manufacturer Service

Production and manufacturing

JX eletronic adjust the combination of domestic and foreign procurement, take advantage of the global resources, help look for the electronic component with the , best quality, reasonable price. Help make a cost down, provide the cheaper and better product for customer.

•  Expand purchasing channels
•  Optimize supply chain management
•  improve the procurement quality
•  make the procurement cost donw

Materials management

Our electronic component management schedule help provide the Just in time (JIT), so as to suitable for the delivery, reach the market demand: According to first in first out principle, make sure the component valid.

• ERP、IMS system management
• Component reception and inspection
• Electronize trace the material status.
• Automatic replenishment program
• First in First out principle
• Upplier inventory management
• Supplier demand forecast


In the high competitive electronic industry, OEM manufacturer must delivery the goods to the market quickly, so as to take up the market share for the economic return. For the current situation that the product life circle is getting shorter and shorter, OEM/ODM manufacture must shorten the process circle to keep competitive for the market. JX electronic which as your strategy cooperation partner, able to bring your product to the market within shorter time, so as to gain the market first chance.